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Power Supply Automatic Test System
Main Function:
Output/input characteristic test
Stability test
Timing and transient test
Protection test
Other Function customized
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Product description


■ Expandable hardware architecture, convenient for customers to add or remove various test equipment according to their needs

■ The system supports multiple communication interfaces (GPIB,USB, RS-232, LAN, etc.)

■ Independent eight-channel hardware architecture, no need to switch, high test efficiency, eight-channel simultaneous test or four-channel group test can be performed, and it can be expanded to more channels according to actual needs

■ The system opens the test project editing function, and users can create, delete, add, modify, and store test databases for different products

■ Online instrument debugging function

■ Operator multi-level authority setting and management

■ Provide system logs to facilitate fault location and operator related information query

■ Each channel supports independent barcode or QR code reading function

■ It can be connected with supporting tooling and fixtures to realize offline or automated production line testing

■ All functional units can be installed and disassembled integrally or modularly

■ The system reserves the I/O interface, and it can be connected to the automated production line without additional hardware

■ Real-time storage of test data and output real-time display function, which can analyze quality and capacity


Application field

* Testing of chargers for consumer electronics such as mobile phones, PADs, electric toothbrushes, electric shavers, electric hair clippers, wireless earphones, etc.

* Test of adapter power supply for laptops, routers, switches, etc.

* Power test for imaging products such as printers, copiers and fax machines

* Industrial power supply and other module power supply (AC/DC, DC/DC) testing


System introduction

■ TH300 power supply test system is an efficient, flexible, and expandable automatic test system for various power supplies.It provides numerous hardware options, such as programmable AC/DC power supplies, electronic loads, oscilloscopes, data collectors (or multimeters), power meter, etc. Combined with an open hardware architecture, it can meet various testing needs of users.

■ TH300 supports communication methods such as USB, LAN, GPIB and RS-232. According to the special needs of users, the corresponding instruments can be integrated into the system.

■ TH300 test software contains a series of standard test items for power supply. At the same time, users can add new items independently according to test requirements.

■ TH300 provides real-time graphical data display functions, such as hourly output, hourly pass rate, daily pass rate, and pass rate of each channel.

Output characteristic test Input characteristic test Stability test
• Output voltage test
• Output current test
• Ripple test
• Efficiency test
• Overshoot voltage test
• Undershoot voltage test
• Dynamic load test
• Effective current value
• Peak current test
• Harmonic test
• Voltage RMS
• Voltage phase angle test
• Voltage drop
• Power
• Power Factor
• Voltage ramp up/slow down test
• Frequency ramp up/slow down test
• Current stability;
• Voltage stability;
• Load stability;
• Voltage/load integration stability
Timing and transient test Protection test Special function
• Output rising waveform
• Output falling waveform
• Boot time
• Rise Time
• Fall time
• Shutdown protection time
• Short circuit protection test
• Overvoltage protection test
• Low voltage protection test
• Overload protection test
• Over power protection test
• Overcurrent protection
• Over temperature protection
• Barcode reading

The contents of the above test items are filled in by users according to different product specifications, and can be modified according to special needs.


Software introduction 

Flexible scalability

TH300 supports communication methods such as USB, LAN, GPIB and RS-232. It is compatible with test equipment with above interfaces. 


Humanized test interface

The test interface is simple and generous and the layout of each functional area is reasonable. Also, the operation is convenient and the relevant data is displayed in graphs.


Test interface


Multi-level authority management

TH300 can set different user rights according to actual production needs, such as database editing,online debugging of instruments and meters, user addition and reduction rights.


Rich database functions


Users can create a product test database (new or copy) according to their own test requirements, edit different test items, and make any adjustments in the test process. You can also insert or delete different test items in the test process, greatly improve the flexibility of data editing.

Test process editing interface


Debug interface


TH300 configuration options

Configuration Selection Content Optional range Requirements
Required Industrial computer With monitor,
keyboard, mouse
Required Computer operating system    
Required Host computer    
Output characteristics Channel 1-8  
Voltage range 0-80V  
Current range 0-20A  
Power 100W-400W  
Dynamic mode 25kHz-50kHz  
Sampling frequency 100kHz-500kHz  
Input characteristics AC Power 0-2000W  
Voltage 0-300Vac  
Frequency 45.0Hz-500Hz  
DC Voltage 0-1000V  
Current 0-200A  
Power 100W-3000W  
Voltage and current measurement Data collector Imported, domestic  
Multimeter Imported, domestic  
Power measurement Channel 1-4  
Voltage 5-600V  
Current 0-20A、0-2A  
Power 0.5mW-1.2kW  
Time measurement Channel 8  
Bandwidth 20MHz  
Maximum sampling rate 80MS/s  
Protection test Short circuit    
Low voltage    
Over power    
Over temperature    

Note: The above is for reference only, and the support is not limited to the content of the above table. If it is not listed in the requirement list, you can fill in the actual requirement in the requirement list

Power Supply Automatic Test System
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