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Frequecny ≤300kHz, LCR
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Precision Economic LCR Meter
Frequency 50Hz-200kHz, 37 Dots.
Basic Accuracy: 0.05%
AC Signal: 10mV-2V, Step by 10mV
240*60 Pixel LCD, List Sweep
6 Digit
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Product description


• 240×64 dot matrix graphic LCD display
• Humanized operation interface, easy to operate
• 0.02% accuracy (TH2816P), 7-digit reading 0.05% accuracy (TH2816A+/TH2816B+) 6-digit reading
• 10mVrms - 2.0Vrms programmable test level
• Compatible with legacy bias source control
• High stability, high accuracy
• The fastest speed is about 60 times/second
• Accurate load calibration function
• 30Ω/100Ω selectable signal source output impedance
• 4-point frequency/level/list sweep function
• Direct reading, absolute deviation and relative deviation display
• 12 groups of internal instrument setting storage
• Built-in comparator: 10-bin sorting and bin counting (TH2816P/TH2816A+)
4 bins sorting and bin counting (TH2816B+)
• Test level monitoring function
• Keypad lock function


Brief Introduction

TH2816P/TH2816A+/TH2816B+ precision LCR meter is the latest generation developed on the basis of TH2816A/B and TH2817A, which are deeply trusted by customers. It integrates our company's many years of mature experience in component testing and uses the latest technology in this field.

TH2816P improves the 0.05% accuracy of the original product to the 0.02% accuracy of the domestic ultra-high level, and at the same time inherits and further improves the stability and consistency of the original product, making it one of the most advanced products in the world. Combined with the low price, it will give our customers super value enjoyment.

TH2816P provides stable 7-bit test resolution, while TH2816A+/TH2816B+ continues to maintain 6-bit test resolution, and the basic frequency and test level indicators are consistent with TH2816A/B and TH2817A series.
The new-generation instrument prompts the test speed to the fastest about 60 times per second, provides 9 levels of fine range, constant 30Ω/100Ω source internal resistance and flexible and humane operation mode, which can meet the requirements of production line quality assurance, incoming inspection and laboratory high precision measurement requirements. The appearance of the new-generation instrument has been changed to the internationally popular black color, which is more beautiful than the old model. At the same time, it has inherited all its operation function keys and menus, and old users can seamlessly upgrade.
In addition to providing RS232C, HANDLER, and GPIB (option) interfaces like the old models, the new generation of instruments further provides USB HOST and USB DEVICE interfaces. It provides more options for the instrument to be integrated in the automatic component sorting system, communicate with the computer and record the test process data.



Model TH2816P TH2816A+ TH2816B+
Display 240×64 dot-matrix LCD display
Digits 7-digit resolution 6-digit resolution 6-digit resolution
Basic accuracy 0.02% 0.05% 0.05%
Test signal frequency Range 50Hz - 200kHz 50Hz - 200kHz 50Hz - 200kHz
Dots 12000 Dots 12000 Dots 37 Dots
Output impedance 30Ω / 100Ω
AC Test level 10mV - 2Vrms, 10mV steps
Test parameter L, C, R, |Z|, D, Q, G, B, X, θd, θr, Vm, Im, △%
Measurement display range |Z|, R, X 0.00001Ω - 99.9999MΩ
G, B 0.00001μs - 99.9999s
C 0.00001pF - 9.99999F
L 0.00001μH - 99.9999kH
D 0.00001 - 9.99999
Q 0.00001 - 99999.9
θ(DEG) -179.999º - 179.999º
θ(RAD) -3.14159 - 3.14159
Δ% -999.999% - 999.999%
Measurement terminal 5 terminals
List sweep List sweep for up to 4 frequencies, signal levels and DC bias levels
Graphic scanning ------
Measuring speed Fasr+: 16.7ms; Fast: 33ms; Med: 100ms; Slow: 667 ms
Equivalent circuit Series and Parallel
Ranging mode Auto, Hold
Trigger mode Internal, Manual, External and Bus
Averaging rate 1 - 255
Correction function Open, Short and Load corrections
Display Mode Direct, ΔABS, Δ%, V/I( V/I monitor), Bin number and bin counter
Comparator Function 10 Bins, BIN1 - BIN9, NG, AUX 4 Bins, BIN1 - BIN3, NG, AUX
Bins counting function
PASS, FAIL front panel display
Memory 12 control settings memory for store/recall
Interface Control HANDLER
Communication RS232C, USB HOST, USB DEVICE, GPIB(Option)
Working temperature, humidity 0℃-40℃,  less than 90%RH
Input power Voltage 198V-242V AC
Frequency 47Hz-63Hz
Power consumption Max 80VA
Size (mm) 350(W)×122(H)×310(D)
Weight 6.5 kg





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Short circuit TH26010 z
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