About Us

About Us


  • 2021

    * Tonghui is listed on the selected layer of the National Equity Exchange System on January 11, 2021.

    * Won the AAA corporate credit rating in August 2021.

    * In August 2021, won the Integrity Management Enterprise

    * First Prize of Jiangsu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

    * In September 2021, the company is relocated in No. 1, Xinzhu Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou with new buildings and production lines.
  • 2020

    * Tonghui was rated as the excellent company by the government.

    * Power electronic tester was recognized as a special new product in Jiangsu Province.

    * The research and development of energy feedback programmable high-power DC power supply won the third prize of the 2020 Changzhou Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

    * The Precision Impedance Analyzer TH2839 series was identified as the major equipment and key components of Changzhou in 2020.

  • 2019

    * Tonghui was identified as "Hi-tech Enterprise of Jiangsu Province" again.

    * Tonghui won the second prize of the 2019 Changzhou Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

    * Tonghui won the second Prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award.

  • 2017

    * Tonghui was awarded "2017 Changzhou innovation and entrepreneurship competition" the first prize.

    * Tonghui was funded by the special fund of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of Jiangsu province.

    * Tonghui was elected as vice chairman of the 8th council of China Electronic Instrument Industry Association.

  • 2016

    * Tonghui was awarded by Changzhou administration for industry and commerce as "Respect the contract and Credit Integrity Enterprise".

    * Tonghui' s trademark was recognized as a well-known trademark of Changzhou.

  • 2015

    * Tonghui was listed in the market with the stock code: 833509.

    * The high frequency LCR meter TH2826 series won the second prize of "Changzhou Science and Technology Progress Award".

  • 2014

    * Tonghui's subsidiary corporation, Dongguan Tongxuan Electronic Technology Limited Company and Suzhou Jingshan Science Equipment Limited Company were established.

    * Tonghui was awarded as "Star Enterprise of CEF" by China electronics Fair.

    * The grand 20th anniversary ceremony was held.

  • 2012

    * Tonghui was renamed as Changzhou Tonghui Electronic Co., Ltd.

    * The pulse peak voltmeter TH2141 won the "2012 Electronic Measuring Instrument Product Digital Voltmeter/Multi-meter Product Design Award".

  • 2011

    * Tonghui received the title of "Engineering Technology R&D center on Electronic Component Measurement Instrument of Changzhou City".

  • 2010

    * Tonghui won the title of "2009 Customer most satisfied test instrument supplier in electronic transformer industry".

    * Tonghui won the "Top 10 most influential brands” of electronic industry in the first industrial product selection。

  • 2009

    * Tonghui was identified as "Hi-tech Enterprise of Jiangsu Province" again.

    * Tonghui got the right to trading internationally.

    * Tonghui brand was awarded as"Jiangsu famous-brand" by Jiangsu Quality Supervision and Management Committee.

  • 2008

    * Tonghui established the routine laboratory to test the mechanical, temperature, humidity, safety, power adaptability, electromagnetic compatibility and other performance indicators completely.

    * Tonghui acquired CMMI software management international certification.

  • 2007

    * Tonghui released TDO1000/2000 series Digital Oscilloscope.

    * Tonghui won the title of "The most satisfied test instrument supplier in 2007".

  • 2006

    * TH1961 6 ½ Digital Multimeter was developed and identified as "Changzhou Key Science and Technology Project".

    * Tonghui was rated as "Credit Integrity Enterprise" by Changzhou Bank Association.

  • 2005

    * The Precision LCR meter TH2828 was identified as "Key Science and Technology Project of Jiangsu Province".

  • 2004

    * The Automatic Component Analyzer TH2818 won the second prize of "Changzhou Science and Technology Progress Award" and the third prize of "Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Progress Award".

    * Tonghui was awarded the "Top ten private-owned New & Hi-tech Enterprise in Changzhou Hi-tech District".

    * TH2828 Series of Precision LCR meter with 1MHz frequency was introduced to the market with high performance.

  • 2003

    * Tonghui enlarged the company size to have the land area 14000m2 and construction area 8200m2.

    * Tonghui was assessed to be "New & Hi-tech Enterprise" by the government.

    * Tonghui joined the association of China Electronic Instrument Industry. 

  • 2002

    * Tonghui got ISO9000: 2000 Certification.

  • 2001

    * Tonghui moved to the new factory.

  • 1999

    * Tonghui won the prize of "Measuring Instruments Quality Advanced Enterprise" from Jiangsu bureau of technical supervision.

    * Tonghui changed the name to "Tonghui Electronic Limited company".

    * Tonghui obtained the land of 6,000m2 located in Tianshan road to build the new factory.



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