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Winding Component tester
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Frequecny ≤300kHz, LCR
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Automatic Transformer Test system
Basic Accuracy: 0.05%
Frequency: 20Hz-200kHz
AC signal: 5mV-2V(Option 10V)
Max Test PINS: 20PIN
LCR Function Optional
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■ 7-inch TFT LCD display with a resolution of 800×RGB×480

■ Frequency up to 1MHz, resolution: 0.5mHz

■ Signal level: 5mV-2Vrms, optional (2Vrms-10Vrms)

■ Built-in 0-100mA/0-10V bias power supply, optional 1A/2A bias current source

■ Up to 75 times / sec test speed

■ Diode forward and reverse characteristic detection

■ Improved high turns ratio and weakly coupled transformer test capability

■ Improved DCR testing capabilities

■ Single screen can accommodate all scan test results

■ Time stamping system: memory file setting, calibration deviation and deduction time

■ Sort the selected scanning parameters

■ Self-test scanning fixture relays

■ Flexible deviation deduction method

■ Multiple handling ways for FAIL cases

■ Single parameter test cycle to test independent windings

■ Increased security: administrator and operator passwords

■ Built-in statistical analysis capabilities: Cpk, Cp, Ck, etc.

■ Bar-code reading function can be used to select a setting file or to manage the type of test products

■ Optional PC-level instrument test setup file programming capability

■ Online upgrade mode: USBHOST or RS232

■ Support multiple instrument networking through LAN interface

■ Backward compatible with TH2818X/TH2819X parameter setting file

■ Storage: Internal: 100 groups of settings file to save U disk: 500 groups of configuration files, CSV format test data, GIF format images



■ Switching transformer scanning test, comprehensive characteristics analysis.

■ Network transformer scanning test, comprehensive characteristics analysis

■ Discrete passive components (L, R, C) multi-channel scanning test

■ Relay drive line package, contact resistance multi-channel scanning test

■ Multi-channel DC resistance DCR scanning test

■ Comprehensive test analysis of multiple passive components in impedance network


Model TH2829LX TH2829AX TH2829AX-24 TH2829AX-48
Test Pin(PIN) 20 20 24 48
Test Frequency 20Hz — 200kHz
Display 800×RGB×480  7 inch TFT LCD display
LCR Function option
Transformer test parameters Turn Ratio, Turns, Phase, L, C, Lk, Q, ACR, DCR, Balance, Pin Short, Diode P/N
LCR Test Parameters |Z|,Y|, C, L, X, B, R, G, D, Q, θ, DCR, Turn-Ratio, Phase, Lk
Basic Test Accuracy LCRZ 0.05%
DCR、Turn Ratio 0.1%
Signal Source Output Impedance 10Ω、30Ω、50Ω、100Ω
Test Speed (ms/times) 13ms, 90 ms, 370 ms
AC Signal Level 5mVrms — 2Vrms(transformer test, can be customized to 10Vrms), 5mVrms — 10Vrms(LCR function);50μArms — 100mArms
DC Bias Voltage Source ------ 0V — ± 10V;0mA — ± 100mA
DC Bias Current Source 0 — ±1A option(option TH2901) / 0 — ±2A option(option TH2902)
DC Constant Current Source 0mA – ±120mA for diode forward characteristic test
Diode Test forward test voltage 0 — 9.9999 V
Reverse test current 0 — 99.999 mA
Comparator 10 bins, PASS/FAIL indication, file counting function
Storage Internal: 100 sets of configuration file;U disk: 500 sets of configuration files, CSV format test data, GIF format images


Accessories name Model  
Test line at both ends TH26004B
Manual transformer scan test fixture TH1901B
Foot switch     TH1801-001
Transformer test control cable (36 cores) (2H/57S-3036*2/L 1800)     TH26016
Kelvin test lead with box four-terminal insulation and lock   TH26011AS


Accessories name Model  
Pneumatic transformer scanning test fixture  TH1901A
Manual transformer scan test fixture   TH1901C
Automatic Transformer Test system
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