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Power Meter
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Digital Power Meter
Basic Accuracy: 0.1%
Voltage Range: 1V-600V
Current Range: 0.1mA-20A
Power Range: 0.1mW-12kW
Frequency: 0.1Hz-1kHz
Three Channel
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Product description


■ Channel: 3

■ AC/DC: Support AC and DC input test

■ Soft start: using soft power switch design

■ High-resolution display: 7 inches, 800×600 resolution, capacitive touch screen, support mouse operation

■ Provide screenshot operation

■ Broadband input: 0.1Hz-100kHz, suitable for most power systems on the market

■ Embedded system: equipped with embedded operating system, the human-computer interaction is more flexible and friendly

■ Comparison function: Provides 8 comparison channels for comparison output, and the output mode is programmable

■ Harmonic analysis: analysis parameters are controllable, and list display and bar graph display are provided

■ Waveform display: Provides basic input signal waveform display function and integrated power waveform display

■ Vector display: Provide a vector display of the input signal

■ Flexible energy integral control: provide continuous time control and manual control of energy integral run and stop operations

■ File storage: a relatively powerful file system, compatible with most U disks (FAT format)

■ Abundant interfaces: USB HOST, USB DEVICE, LAN, HANDLER, RS232/RS485 (choose one of two);

■ Communication protocol: support SCPI command set and MODBUS command parsing.



■ Motors, transformers

■ Electronic production design

■ Lighting

■ Aerospace and military industry

■ Network communication

■ Audio and video equipment

■ Monitoring equipment

■ Source class device

Test and analysis of electrical parameters of AC power supply, DC power supply, linear power supply, switching power supply, and inverter and other source output equipment

■ Load equipment

Test and analysis of electrical parameters of various types of household appliances, industrial appliances, various electronic loads and other electrical equipment



Model TH3441 TH3443 TH3444
Number Of Channels 1 3 4
Wiring Mode                                                                                                                                                             One-Phase Two-Wire (1P2W) One-Phase Two-Wire (1P2W)
One-Phase Three-Wire (1P3W)
Three-Phase Three-Wire (3P3W)
Three-Phase Four-Wire (3P4W)
Three-Voltage Three- Current (3V3A)
Basic Features AC Y
Precision Type Y
Micro Current  
Harmonic Analysis Y
Electric Energy Test Y
Display Mode Data Y
Integration Data Y
Waveform Graph Y
Vector Analysis Y
Histogram Y
Basic Accuracy (One Year)
Voltage Basic Accuracy 0.15% Reading + 0.2% Range
Resolution 0.001V
Current Basic Accuracy ± (0.15% Reading + 0.1% Range)
Resolution 1mA
Frequency Range Voltage/Current Accuracy
DC ± (0.1% Reading +0.2% Range)
0.1Hz ≤ Freq < 45Hz ± (0.1% Reading +0.2% Range)
45Hz ≤ Freq < 66Hz ± (0.1% Reading +0.1% Range)
66Hz ≤ Freq < 1khz ± (0.1% Reading +0.2% Range)
1khz ≤ Freq < 10khz ± ((0.07*Freq) % Reading +0.3% Range)
10khz ≤ Freq ≤ 100khz ± (0.5% Reading +0.5% Range) ± [0.04*(Freq - 10k)] % Reading 
Voltage Scope 1V - 600V
Range 15V/30V/60V/150V/300V/600V
Minimum Resolution 0.001V
Input Impedance 2MΩ
Allowed Max Input 1000V (1S)
Current Scope 0.1mA - 20A
Range 5mA/10mA/20mA/50mA/100mA/200mA
Input Impedance 400mΩ
Range 0.5A/1A/2A/5A/10A/20A
Input Impedance 4mΩ
Minimum Resolution 1uA
Allowed Max Input 30A(1S)
Power Range 0.1mW - 12kW
Minimum Resolution 0.01mW
Frequency Range Fundamental Frequency Range: DC/0.1Hz - 100kHz, Filter 500Hz
Minimum Resolution 0.01Hz
Power Factor Range  - 1.000 - 1.000
Minimum Resolution 0.001
Harmonic Analysis Range 10Hz-1.2kHz
Accuracy ± (5% Reading +0.3% Range)
Energy Integration Range 0 - 99999kWh
Resolution 0.001Wh
Accuracy ± (0.2% Reading +0.3% Range)
Energy Timing Range 0 - 9999:59:59
Resolution 1s
Accuracy ± 0.05%
Update Rate Optional 0.1s/0.25s/0.5s/1s/2s/10s/20s
Lock Function Data Lock
Range Method Auto/Manual
Input Impedance ≥ 2MΩ (Voltage Input)
Comparator Over-Limit Sound And Light Alarm
Output 8 Channel Programmable Relay Output
Measurement Assistance Function
Data Buffer Storage Function The Test Results Are Stored In A U Disk, And Statistical Analysis Can Be Performed On The PC Side
Save/Load Function The Saving Of Setting Data Is Divided Into Measurement Parameter Setting And System Parameter Setting
Keyboard Lock Function Front Panel Keys And Touch Screen Operations Can Be Locked To Effectively Prevent Misoperation
Communication Interface Serial Communication RS232C/RS485 Optional
USB HOST Universal Serial Bus Socket, Type A; FAT16/FAT32 Format. U Disk Storage Or Designated Wireless Network Card (WIFI Supports RTL8192 And MT7601) And Other Equipment Support
USB DEVICE Universal Serial Bus Socket, Small Type B (4 Contact Positions); Compatible With USBTMC - USB488 And USB2.0, Female Connector For Connecting External Controllers. Optional CDC Mode Or TMC Mode.
LAN 10/100baset Ethernet, 8 Pins, Stable Communication.
HANDLER 8 Channel Programmable Relay Output
Storage USB Waveform, Setting File
Power Supply AC220V± 10%, 50/60Hz± 5%, Soft Power Switch
Size W*H*D Working Size 236mm*154mm*475.5mm
Shelf Size 215mm*132mm*441mm
Weight 8.1kg



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Accessories name Model  


Digital Power Meter
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