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Switch Programmable DC Power Supply
Rated Voltage: 360V
Rated Current: 15A
Rated Power: 1500W
Wide range, 93% efficiency, Ten Parallel, Active Current Sharing
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■ Rated Output: 360V/15A/1500W

■ The output range is 3 times of the equal power "rectangular" power supply

■ High frequency LLC multi-resonant inverter, the efficiency of the whole machine is as high as 93%

■ Active PFC, power factor up to 0.99

■ High resolution, high precision; low ripple, low noise

■ ≤2ms fast transient response

■ The rising edge and falling edge speed of the output are adjustable

■ Power supply constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC), constant power (CP) mode

■ The master-slave mode supports parallel connection, active current sharing, and parallel connection of up to 10 units of the same type

■ OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, input undervoltage protection, SENSE terminal reverse connection protection

■ Built-in function generator

■ Equipped with discharge circuit (Uout< 10V within 1s)

■ Separate control of power output through external analog interface

■ High-brightness color LCD display

■ Flexible and powerful sequence test function

■ Support SCPI command language

■ Interface: RS232, USB HOST,

    Optional (RS485, CAN, GPIB, LAN, analog control interface)


Brief Introduction

TH6900 series is a programmable switching DC power supply with a wide range of output. There are 21 models of 750W, 1500W and 3000W available. The instrument supports up to 10 master-slave units of the same model in parallel to meet higher output current and output power requirements.

TH6900 series supports sequence test function, allowing users to set a series of voltage, current, power, and automatically output according to the set rules, to better meet the user's application of automatic test and burn-in test. The instrument can store 50 sequences, each sequence contains 22 steps, the function of each step can be set independently, a total of 12 independent functions, including loop control, slope mode output and other rich control functions.

This instrument can output sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, trapezoidal wave, etc. according to the set parameters such as voltage and current. Based on these waveforms, users can form a sequence output. The sequence can be set up to ten steps, and each step can be set to any A waveform and the duration of the waveform, which is convenient for users to test products. In addition, the TH6900 power supply has a solar cell array simulation function. In addition to CC, CV, EN50530 and other modes output through the host computer software, the single machine also has a built-in model for simulating the output curve of the solar cell array.

This series of power supplies also have adjustable rising and falling edge speeds. In all modes (source CV, CC, CP), the rise and fall time can be set, and the setting range is 0.01S~999.99S.



■ General testing for R&D and design verification

■ New energy solar cells, new power vehicles, electric bicycles

■ Routine test and maintenance of production line workbench

■ Automated device integration testing

■ Solar photovoltaic simulation test

■ Teaching laboratory

■ LED test



Model  Voltage Current Power
TH6940-60  40V  60A  750W 
TH6980-30  80V  30A  750W 
TH69200-12.5  200V  12.5A  750W 
TH69360-7.5  360V  7.5A  750W 
TH69500-5  500V  5A  750W 
TH69750-3  750V  3A  750W 
TH691000-2.5  1000V  2.5A  750W 
TH6935-100  35V  100A  1500W 
TH6980-60  80V  60A  1500W 
TH69200-25  200V  25A  1500W 
TH69360-15  360V  15A  1500W 
TH69500-10  500V  10A  1500W 
TH69750-6  750V  6A  1500W 
TH691000-5  1000V  5A  1500W 
TH6935-200  35V  200A  3000W 
TH6980-120  80V  120A  3000W 
TH69200-50  200V  50A  3000W 
TH69360-30  360V  30A  3000W 
TH69500-20  500V  20A  3000W 
TH69750-12  750V  12A  3000W 
TH691000-10  1000V  10A  3000W 


Parameter Model TH6935-100 TH6980-60 TH69200-25 TH69360-15 TH69500-10 TH69750-6 TH691000-5
Rated Output Voltage 35V 80V 200V 360V 500V 750V 1000V
Current 100A 60A 25A 15A 10A 6A 5A
Power 1500W
Efficient ≤92% ≤92% ≤92% ≤93% ≤93% ≤93% ≤93%
Load Regulation Rate Voltage <=0.05%FS (0-100% Load Regulation Rate)
Current <=0.15%FS (0-100%ΔUDC Load Regulation Rate)
Line Regulation Rate Voltage <=0.02%FS  (±10%ΔUAC Input)
Current <=0.05%FS (±10%ΔUAC Input)
Set Value Resolution Voltage 10mV 10mV 10mV 10mV 10mV 10mV 10mV
Current 10mA 10mA 10mA 10mA 10mA 1mA 1mA
Readback Value Resolution Voltage 10mV 10mV 10mV 10mV 10mV 10mV 10mV
Current 10mA 10mA 10mA 10mA 10mA 1mA 1mA
Set Value Accuracy (25℃±5℃) Voltage ≤±(0.05%+0.04%FS)
Current ≤±(0.15%+0.1%FS)
Power ≤±0.8%FS
Readback Value Accuracy (25℃±5℃) Voltage ≤±(0.05%+0.04%FS)
Current ≤±(0.15%+0.1%FS)
Power ≤±0.8%FS
Ripple and Noise
RMS (20Hz-300kHz) 10mVrms 10mVrms 20mVrms 40mVrms 50mVrms 75mVrms 100mVrms
P-P (20Hz-2MHz) 75mVpp 100mVpp 175mVpp 250mVpp 325mVpp 500mVpp 650mVpp
Rise Time (No Load) 10%-100% ≤2ms
Rise Time (Full Load) 10%-90% ≤30ms
Protection  OTP、OVP、OCP、OPP、PF
Isolated Withstand Voltage 1000VDC (Output to Ground)
Master-Slave Control Connect up to 10 products (via shared bus) with true master-slave operation
Storage 10 groups of working modes; 50 sequences, 20 steps per group
Analog Interface Specification Built-in 15-pin D-Sub female connector, electrically isolated 
Signal Range 0-5V or 0-10V (Switchable)
U/I/P Accuracy 0-10V: <=0.2%FS 0-5V: <=0.4%FS
Communication Interface Standard RS232, USB HOST
Optional RS485, CAN, GPIB, LAN
Power Supply Phase 1ph+N+PE
Voltage 220VAC±10%
Frequency 45-66Hz
Power Factor ≥0.99
Working Environment Indoor type; Working temperature: 0~50℃, Humidity: <80%, no condensation, Storage temperature: -20~70℃, Altitude: <2000m
Size W×H×D(mm) 482mm×88mm×455mm (W×H×D) Standard Frame, 2U High.
Weight 10.8kg



Accessories name Model  


Accessories name Model  
Switch Programmable DC Power Supply
Switch Programmable DC Power Supply
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