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TH2684 Series

Insulation Resistance Meter
Test Voltage: 10V-1000V
Test Resistance Range: 10kΩ-100TΩ
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Product description


■ 320×240 dot-matrix LCD

■ Powerful charging function

■ High speed measurement:100meas/sec

■ High measurement accuracy:±2% (< 1TΩ )

■ Contact detection function for capacitive components

■ Measurement range:TH2684 : 10kΩ to 50TΩ TH2684A: 10kΩ to 100TΩ

■ Ultra-low leakage current test: minimum current is 10pA,accuracy: 2% ±2pA

■ Measurement voltage:TH2684: 10V – 500V, dual-output TH2684A:10V–1000V,single-output

■ Dual outputs (precharge voltage output and test voltage output) can be set.

■ The precharge voltage output can be set to follow the test voltage output and can be finely adjusted on test voltage. Also the precharge voltage can be set to work in independent mode.

■ When the test current is less than 10nA, the internal input impedance can be selected between 10kΩ and 1MΩ to ensure rapid and accurate test.

■ TH2684 charge current:2mA , 25mA, 200mA selectable

  TH2684A charge current:2mA , 25mA , 100mA selectable

■ 7 current ranges, manual or auto range mode

■ 4-bin comparison function

■ Programmable sequence test mode

■ R-T and I-T Curve test and display mode

■ Auto store setup parameters

■ Screen hardcopy to be saved as BMP file to a U disk

■ Automatically upgrade firmware by a U disk

■ Selectable Chinese and English operation interfaces

■ Achieve automatic test system by Handler interface

■ Achieve remote control by RS232C and USB Device interface

■ Support scanning interface for mass tests


Brief Introduction

■ TH2684/TH2684A High Precision IR Tester is an intelligent measurement instrument that is used for rapid measurements on IR properties of electronic parts and components, dielectric materials, equipments, cables,etc. Large LCD and user friendly menu provide you easier operation.

This instrument is especially designed for capacitor IR test TH2684/TH2684A can achieve rapid measurements through following methods:

1. Selectable internal input impedance: If the current is greater than 10nA, only 10kΩ input impedance can be used; if the current is below 10nA, you can choose 10kΩ or 1MΩ impedance to test.

2. With the built-in dual voltage output, TH2684 can charge large capacitors. By dual voltage output, TH2684 is able to output a precharge voltage up to 500V, 200mA. In voltage follow mode, precharge voltage follow with the test voltage output and can be finely adjusted. Above features ensure the perfect charge of capacitive materials.

3. TH2684A can output a voltage of 1000V, 100mA to fully charge the capacitive material. In addition, user can program the sequence measurement steps (up to 18 steps) on TH2684/TH2684A. For instance,charge, wait, test, and discharge steps can be programmed.Each step can last up to 100s.

TH2684/TH2684A has a unique contact detection function. For capacitive material such as capacitors and cables, contact detection function can detect the contact of components under test. Moreover, this detection function will not increase any test time.

TH2684 equips with interfaces of RS232, USB DEVICE,SCANNING and Handler. Handler interface provide convenience for automatic test system; SCANNING interface is useful for mass measurement of components.User can use a scanner to speed measurement of components.



Model TH2684 TH2684A
Resistance Test
Range 10kΩ to 50TΩ 10kΩ to 100TΩ
Accuracy Test current > 100pA: 2%Test current ≤ 100 pA: 2% ± Vtest/2pA
Current Test
Range Range 1 :100uA – 1mA , Internal Input impedance 10 kΩ
Range 2 :10uA – 100uA , Internal Input impedance 10 kΩ
Range 3 :1uA – 10uA , Internal Input impedance 10 kΩ
Range 4 :100nA – 1uA , Internal Input impedance 10 kΩ
Range 5 :10nA – 100nA, Internal Input impedance 10 kΩ
Range 6 :1nA – 10nA, Internal Input impedance 10 kΩ or 1MΩ (selectable)
Range 7 :10pA – 1nA, Internal Input impedance 10 kΩ or 1MΩ (selectable)
Accuracy 2% ± 2pA
Measurement Voltage
Range 10 to 500V, 1V resolution to 1000V,1V resolution
Accuracy 2% of readout,or ± 1V
Source Resistance 200Ω
Current Limit 2,25,or 200mA 2, 25 , or 100mA
Voltage Output Manually turn on or off on front panel, or controlled by built-in timer, or by remote control.
Timing Programmable charge time: 0 to 1000s
Measurement Delay 0 to 1000s programmable
Discharge Resistance 2kΩ
Discharge Time t = 0.03 x Cx (in μF), when Vtest falls to 1% of the test level.
Measurement Speed
Trig Mode Single measurement: < 100ms(exclude charge time)Average up to 100 measurements:<100+ (N-1) x 100 ms (exclude charge)
Continuous Mode Direct readout: 100ms – 10000ms depending on average number
Comparator bins:(3 bins for PASS,1 bin for FAIL)
Range Mode Auto, Hold
Average Times to100
Memory Sets of setup values can be stored.
Standard Interface GPIB (optional), RS232C, HANDLER interface output, USBDEVICE ( USBTMC and USBCDC support), USBHOST, SCANNING


Operating Temperature and Humidity 10°C - 40°C,  ≤90%RH
Power Supply to 130 V  AC(60Hz) orto 260V  AC(50HZ)
Power Consumption TH2684 : 250WTH2684A: 150W
Dimensions (W×H×D) 430mm×400mm×130mm
Weight TH2684 : 14kg TH2684A: 10kg
Insulation Resistance Meter
ir meter
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