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Component Tester
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Frequecny 1M-10MHz, LCR
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TH2838 Series

Precision LCR Meter
Frequency 20Hz-2MHz.
Basic Accuracy: 0.05%
Auto Balance Bridge Technology
AC Signal: 5mV-2V
DC Bias: 0+/-10V, 0+/-100mA

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Product description


■ High accuracy:Adopt Auto-balance bridge technology, 4-terminal pair

■ High stability and consistency:Up to 15 ranges

■ High speed:Up to 5.6ms

■ High resolution:7- inch, 800×600

■ High power:

 Signal source:Voltage up to 20Vrms(only TH2838H)

 Current up to 100mA(only TH2838H)

 DC bias:Voltage up to±40V(only TH2838H)

 Current up to 100mA

 Up to 120A when controlling 6 sets of TH1778 series DC

 Bias Current Source by external DC Bias interface 

 Independent Voltage Source: ±10V programmable output

 (only TH2838H)

■ 201 Points List Sweep Function

■ Multi-parameter Graphic Sweep Function

■ Arithmetical operation

■ 10 bins sorting, sorting result with sound and light alarm

■ Huge storage space: 

 Internal: 100 groups of setting files, 10 groups of gif image files;  External: 100 groups of setting files through USB storage

■ Rich interfaces: USB HOST, USB DEVICE, LAN, HANDER, GPIB (Optional), SCANER(Optional), external DC BIAS control interface 

■ High compatibility: Support SCPI commands, compatible with KEYSIGHT E4980A, E4980AL, HP4284A etc.


Brief Introduction

■ TH2838/TH2838H/TH2838A is a new generation impedance tester adopting the most advanced auto balance bridge theory in the world at present. With its 0.05% basic accuracy, speed up to 5.6ms, 20Hz-2MHz frequency range and impedance test range up to 1GΩ, this new impedance tester can meet all test demands of components and materials, especially for testing capacitor with low D and inductor with high Q. Four-terminal pair configuration can eliminate the effect of electromagnetic coupling in test cable, to extend the low limit of low impedance test 10 times than those testers with Five-pair configuration.

TH2838/TH2838H/TH2838A supports 20V AC test signal and 40V DC Bias, new-added improved multi parameter list sweep/graphic analyze will help customers to extend the comprehensive evaluation ability on components.

TH2838/TH2838H/TH2838A is a strong tool for the design, examination, quality control and production test of electronic components. Its excellent performances and functions provide a powerful tool for circuit design and development, as well as material (electronic material and non-electronic material) research and development. 

TH2838/TH2838H/TH2838A can realize various tests of commercial standards and military standards, such as IEC and MIL.



Brief Introduction

■ Application

1.Passive component

Impedance parameter estimation and performance analysis of capacitor, inductor,  magnetic core, resistor, piezoelectric devices, transformers, chip components  and network components

2.Semiconductor component

Parasitic parameter test and analysis of LED driver integrated circuit C-VDC  features of varactors Parasitic parameter analysis of transistors or integrated  circuit

3.Other components

Impedance assessment of printed circuit boards, relays, switches, cables, batteries

4.Dielectric material

Dielectric constant and loss angle evaluation of plastics,  ceramics and other materials 

5.Magnetic materials

Magnetic permeability and loss angle assessment of ferrite,  amorphous body and other magnetic materials

6.Semiconductor materials

Dielectric constant, electric conductivity and C-V characteristics  of semiconductor materials Liquid crystal cell of dielectric  constant, elastic constant and C-V characteristics of liquid  crystal cell



Model TH2838A TH2838 TH2838H
Test Frequency 20Hz-1MHz 20Hz-2MHz
Basic Accuracy 0.05%
AC Singal Voltage 5mVrms to 2Vrms Max 20Vrms
Current 50μArms to 100mArms Max 100mArms
DC Bias Voltage 0V to +/-10V 0V to +/-40V
Current 0mA to +/-100mA
External DC Bias Max 120A by 6 sets of TH1778
Independent Voltage Source N/A -10V to +10V



Accessories name Model  
Four-end clamp with card TH26005C
Short circuit TH26010 z
Kelvin test lead with box four-terminal insulation and lock TH26011BS z


Accessories name Model  
Box patch test cable TH26009B z
Magnetic ring fixture TH26008A z
Dielectric test fixture TH26077 z


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