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TH2840X Series

Automatic Transformer Test system
Basic Accuracy: 0.05%.
Frequency: 20Hz-2MHz
Electric Level: 5mV-20V/50uA-100mA
DC Bias Current Source 0+/-40V, 0+/-100mA
Linux OS
LCR Function Optional
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■ The test speed is as high as 1800 times/s (>10kHz), without relay action time

■ Test level up to 20Vrms

■ The bias voltage is built-in ±40V/±100mA/2A

■ Up to 288 test pins (only TH2840NX)

■ Industry-friendly user experience: Linux bottom layer, built-in help file

■ 10.1 inch 1280×800 capacitive touch screen

■ Graphical pin association setting page, so that wiring is no longer a problem

■ Lk setting does not need to input the leakage inductance pin, which is more intuitive

■ Enhanced balance scanning function, from 5 points to 10 points

■ Range switching adopts electronic switch, fast speed, long life, no noise

■ Optional LCR function

■ Approximately 100M setting file storage space in the machine, and massive U disk setting file storage capacity

■ Provide host computer to support early model file format conversion to ensure compatibility



■ Switching transformer scanning test, comprehensive characteristics analysis.

■ Network transformer scanning test, comprehensive characteristics analysis

■ Discrete passive components (L, R, C) multi-channel scanning test

■ Relay drive line package, contact resistance multi-channel scanning test

■ Multi-channel DC resistance DCR scanning test

■ Comprehensive test analysis of multiple passive components in impedance network



Model TH2840AX TH2840BX TH2840NX
Display Display 10.1"  Captive Touch Screen
Ratio 16:09
Resolution 1280×RGB×800
Test PIN 20PIN(By TH1806) 48PIN(Can extend to 288PIN)
Frequency Range 20Hz-500kHz 20Hz-2MHz 20Hz-500kHz
Accuracy 0.01%
Resolution 0.1mHz (20.0000Hz-99.9999Hz)
1mHz (100.000Hz-999.999Hz)
10mHz (1.00000kHz-9.99999kHz)
100mHz (10.0000kHz-99.9999kHz)
1Hz (100.000kHz-999.999kHz )
10Hz (1.00000MHz-2.00000MHz)
AC test signal mode Rated value (ALC OFF) Set the voltage as the Hcur voltage when the test terminal is open
Set the current to be the current flowing from Hcur when the test terminal is short-circuited
Constant value (ALC ON) Keep the voltage on the DUT the same as the set value
Keep the current on the DUT the same as the set value
Test Level AC Voltage 5mVrms-20Vrms F<=1MHz 5mVrms-20Vrms 5mVrms-20Vrms
F>1MHz 5mVrms-15Vrms
Accuracy ±(10%×the set value+2mV)(AC<=2Vrms)
±(10%×the set value+5mV)(AC2Vrms)
Resolution 1mVrms (5mVrms-0.2Vrms)
1mVrms (0.2Vrms-0.5Vrms)
1mVrms (0.5Vrms-1Vrms)
10mVrms (1Vrms-2Vrms)
10mVrms (2Vrms-5Vrms)
10mVrms (5Vrms-10Vrms)
10mVrms (10Vrms-20Vrms)
AC Current 50μArms-100mArms
Resolution(100Ω Internal
10μArms (50μArms-2mArms)
10μArms (2mArms-5mArms)
10μArms (5mArms-10mArms)
100μArms (10mArms-20mArms)
100μArms (20mArms-50mArms)
100μArms (50mArms-100mArms)
RDC Test Voltage 100mV-20V
Resolution 1mV (0V-1V)
10mV (1V-20V)
Current 0mA-100mA
Resolution 10μA (0mA-10mA)
100μA (10mA-100mA)
DC Bias * Voltage 0V-±40V
Accuracy AC<=2V 1%×the set voltage+5mV
AC>2V 2%×the set voltage+8mV
Resolution 1mV (0V - ±1V)
10mV (±1V - ±40V)
Current 0mA-±100mA
Resolution 10μA (0mA-10mA)
100μA (10mA-100mA)
Built-in current source Current 0mA-2A
Accuracy I>5mA ±(2%×the set value+2mA)
Resolution 1mA
Output impedance 30Ω, ±4%@1kHz
100Ω, ±2%@1kHz
LCR Function
Test Parameter Method Arbitrary selection of four parameters
AC Cp/Cs, Lp/Ls, Rp/Rs, |Z|, |Y|, R, X, G, B, θ, D, Q, VAC, IAC
Test Terminal Configuration Four Terminal Pair
Test Cable Length 0m
Computation The absolute deviation from the nominal value Δ, the percentage deviation from the nominal value Δ%
Equivalent Way Series, Parallel
Calibration Function OPEN, SHORT, LOAD
Average Times 1-255
Range Selection AUTO, HOLD
Range Configuration LCR 100mΩ, 1Ω, 10Ω, 20Ω, 50Ω, 100Ω, 200Ω, 500Ω, 1kΩ, 2kΩ, 5kΩ, 10kΩ, 20kΩ, 50kΩ, 100kΩ
RDC 1Ω, 10Ω, 20Ω, 50Ω, 100Ω, 200Ω, 500Ω, 1kΩ, 2kΩ, 5kΩ, 10kΩ, 20kΩ, 50kΩ, 100kΩ
Test Speed (ms) Fast+: 1ms. Fast: 3.3ms. Middle: 90ms.
Slow: 220ms
Highest accuracy 0.05% Please refer to the manuals for the details
Measurement display range
Cs, Cp 0.00001pF-9.99999F
Ls, Lp 0.00001μH-99.9999kH
D 0.00001-9.99999
Q 0.00001-99999.9
R, Rs, Rp, X, Z, RDC 0.001mΩ-99.9999MΩ
G, B, Y 0.00001μs-99.9999S
VDC ±0V-±999.999V
IDC ±0A-±999.999A
θr -6.28318
θd -179.999°-179.999°
Δ% ±(0.000%-999.9%)
TurnsRatio 10.001—10001
Transformer Test 
Test Parameter Cs/Cp, Ls/Lp, DCR, Zx, Rs/Rp, D, Q, dZ, , Lk, Phase, Balance
Turns-Ratio, Ns:Np=U2/U1, Np:Ns=U1/U2
Turns: Ns=Np×U2/U1, Np=Ns×U1/U2
Test Mode Continous In the single trigger mode, manually trigger once, and once test all the test parameters.
Step In the single trigger mode, manually trigger once to measure one parameter. Trigger again to measure the next parameter.
Test Speed (ms) Fast Fast: 3.3ms, Fast+ 0.56ms(>10kHz)
Middle Middle: 90ms
Slow Slow: 220ms
Bias Resource See *
Average Times Each test parameter can set different average times, the average times is 0-255
Time Delay Each test parameter can set a different delay time
Transformer Scanning
Built in Scanning Board No One Board as standard. Could extend to six boards. ((24×2)PIN per  board)
Transformer Handler PIN Definition NS1-NS30, GOOD, NG, TEST, TRIGGER, RESET NS1-NS9, GOOD, NG, TEST,  TRIGGER,  RESET
Output characteristics Optocoupler isolation, ULN2003 drive enhancement, collector output 
Model Direct reading, percentage
Test Range Auto, Hold
Bias Resource See *
External scanning box compatible to TH1901 series, TH1831 scanning box, TH1806 series
Number of windings Primary 60
Secondary 9
Average Times Each test parameter can set different average times, the average times is 0-255
Time Delay Each test parameter can set a different delay time
Test Speed (ms) Fast Fast: 3.3ms(>=1kHz). Fast+ : 0.56ms(>=10kHz) (Exclude the time for the realy action)
Middle Middle: 90ms
Slow Slow: 220ms
Test lead interface 25*2pin FRC socket
Other Functions and specifications
Storage Internal About 100M non-volatile memory test setting file
U Disk  Test setting file,  screenshot graph, record file
Keyboard Lock The front panel keys can be locked
Interface USB HOST 2 USB HOST ports. Mouse and keyboard could work at the same time. Only one U disk can be used at the same time.
USB DEVICE Universal serial bus socket,  small type B (4 contact positions); compatible with USB TMC-USB488 and USB2.0,  the female connector is used to connect an external controller.
LAN 10/100M Ethernet adaptive, 8 Pin
HANDLER Used for Bin signal output
External DC BIAS Control Support TH1778A (do not support transformer scanning)
RS232C Standard 9-pin,  cross
RS485 Can accept modification or connect to RS232 to RS485 adaptor
Power-on Warm-up Time 60 Minutes
Output Voltage 100-120VAC/198-242VAC Optional, 47-63Hz
Power Consumption More than 130VA
Size (WxHxD) mm 430mm(W)x177mm(H)x265mm(D) 430mm(W)x177mm(H)x405mm(D)
Weight (kg) 11kg 17kg




Accessories name Model  
Kelvin test lead with box four-terminal insulation and lock   TH26011BS
Connection Cable TH26058A
Test line at both ends TH26004B
Manual transformer scan test fixture TH1806B
Foot switch     TH1801-001



Accessories name Model  


transformer tester
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