Tonghui TH2840NX assists combustible ice exploration

Tonghui TH2840NX assists combustible ice exploration

(Summary description)The application for the automatic transformer test system TH2840X in the combustible ice exploration.

Tonghui TH2840NX assists combustible ice exploration

(Summary description)The application for the automatic transformer test system TH2840X in the combustible ice exploration.

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Natural Gas Hydrate is an ice-like crystalline substance formed by natural gas and water under high pressure and low temperature conditions. Because of its appearance like ice, it burns when exposed to fire, so it is called "flammable ice". Natural gas hydrate is distributed in the deep sea or permafrost on land. It has far less pollution than coal and oil, and has huge reserves. Therefore, it is recognized internationally as the "energy of the future".


The exploration and development of natural gas hydrate is a systematic project involving geology, geophysics, geochemistry, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, drilling engineering and many others. Compared with traditional conventional resources, the exploitation of natural gas hydrate is more difficult. It is still a worldwide problem.


Recently, Tonghui Electronics has cooperated with a domestic professional scientific research company to measure the seabed resistance by artificially exciting and receiving electromagnetic field signals near the seabed or seabed through the marine control-source electromagnetic method. The rate method can obtain the volume resistivity of combustible ice and calculate the content and other information, which effectively improves the drilling success rate and is suitable for land exploration and shallow sea exploration.


Using this year's blockbuster new product of Tonghui Electronics-TH2840NX automatic test system, combined with a customized natural gas hydrate drilling wellbore working fluid simulation device, parameters such as compound composition and combustible ice content are analyzed through professional algorithms.



The main feature of TH2840NX

* The test speed is up to 1000 times/s

* Test level up to 20Vrms

* DC bias: ±40V/±100Ma

* Built-in independent 2A bias current source

* 48Pin-288Pin test pins

* Friendly user experience: Linux bottom layer, built-in help file

* 10.1 inch 1280×800 capacitive touch screen

* Graphical pin association setting page, so that wiring is no longer a problem

* No need to input leakage inductance pin for Lk setting, more intuitive

* Enhanced balance scan function, from 5 points to 10 points

* The electronic switch is used for range switching, which is fast, long life and no noise

* Optional LCR function

* Approximately 100M setting file storage space in the machine, massive U disk setting file storage capacity

* Provide PC software to support early model file format conversion to ensure compatibility


At present, China has successfully implemented trial mining of combustible ice in land tundra and sea areas. As a leading electronic measuring instrument development and manufacturer, Tonghui will continue to provide high-end measuring instruments for the scientific research and escort the development of clean energy!



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