Cooker inductance and DCR test

Cooker inductance and DCR test

(Summary description)

Cooker inductance and DCR test

(Summary description)


The induction cooker uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to achieve heating. It uses alternating current to generate a constantly changing alternating magnetic field through the coil. The eddy current is generated in the conductor of the alternating magnetic field. This is caused by the movement of carriers in the conductor driven by the vortex electric field. . The Joule effect of the eddy current increases the temperature of the conductor, thereby achieving heating.
The high-frequency current generated in the induction cooker generally relies on capacitors, inductors, insulated gate transistors (IGBTs) and other devices. The functions of the devices directly determine whether the induction cooker can be used normally. Tonghui's component testing system can meet the test requirements.


Solution Details,

Test object: induction cooker
Testing requirements:

Test conditions: 100kHz, 1V
Ls: 82μH
DCR: 62mΩ
Temperature Compensation Function


The customer adds a PT500 temperature sensor to the TH2829AX and cooperates with a custom program to realize the temperature compensation function. The inductance value and the compensated DCR can be tested at the same time, and the data can be uploaded. Effectively reduce the number of stations and improve the test efficiency.


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