Projector Power Adapter Automatic Test Solution

Projector Power Adapter Automatic Test Solution

(Summary description)

Projector Power Adapter Automatic Test Solution

(Summary description)


According to the "IDC 2020 Fourth Quarter China Projector Market Tracking Report", China's home projector sales in 2020 will be 3 million units, a year-on-year increase of 7.5%. IDC predicts that the five-year compound growth rate of China's projector market will still exceed 15% by 2025. The domestic brands XGIMI, JMGO, Xiaomi Group, Dangbei and Hisense ranked in the top five, breaking the monopoly of foreign brands in the Chinese projector market for more than ten years, and created a number of new technologies in the field of intelligent projection.

Recently, Tonghui Electronics has customized a set of automatic power supply test system TH300 for a domestic head projector brand. This power supply test system realizes 4-channel synchronous test, which can test 12 types of parameters such as low-voltage no-load start and low-voltage full-load ripple ( dozens of sub-projects), and generate customized data analysis reports. The power supply, load and other instruments in the system are independently developed and produced by Tonghui, adhering to Tonghui's more than 20 years of technical accumulation and craftsmanship, with quality as the guarantee, to provide users with a smooth testing experience.


Solution Details,

Test Product: Projector Power Adapter


Test items:

Low pressure no-load start
Low voltage full load ripple
Overcurrent protection (overcurrent protection point test)
Short circuit protection
High pressure no-load start
High voltage full load ripple
Standby power consumption    
average efficiency
Shutdown time test
Dynamic Load Testing
boot time test
Dynamic Ripple Test


The system adopts the high-precision electronic load TH8204T independently developed by Tonghui, the multi-channel digital power meter TH3421T, and the program-controlled linear AC power supply TH7120T. Take TH300 as the main control unit to realize 4-channel synchronous test. The system is equipped with test software developed by Tonghui, which can customize instrument debugging, testing, data file editing and other functions according to customer needs.


Instruments List,
1 set of TH8204

1 set of TH3421

1 set of TH300

1 swt of TH7120


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