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Low Noise Precision Power Supply
DC ±210V/±3A DC; Pulse ±10.5A
10fA/0.1μV Output resolution (6 1/2 )
1pA/10μV measurement resolution (4 1/2)
1 CH or 2 CHS
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Product description


■ 7-inch capacitive touch screen with 800 x 480 resolution

■ Linux operating system, Chinese and English interface

■ Four-quadrant precision power output

■ Single/dual channel output and measurement

■ Up to ±210V DC voltage, ±3A DC current/±10.5A pulse

■ 10fA/0.1μV minimum output resolution (6 1/2 bits)

■ 1pA/10μV minimum measurement resolution (4 1/2 bits)

■ Supports voltage, current, resistance, and power measurements

■ Four basic modes of voltage source, current source, voltmeter, and ammeter

■ Minimum sampling interval 1μs

■ Supports DC, pulse, scanning and list outputs

■ Pulse output with a minimum pulse width of 50 μs

■ 1mHz-10kHz arbitrary waveform generation and list scan function (minimum 1μs interval)

■ Flexible programmable output resistance function

■ Math operation function, sliding average filter function, deviation deduction function

■ 14-speed sorting function with Grading and Sorting modes



■ Analog-to-digital converters and digital-to-analog converters

■ High-precision analog ICs and circuits

■ RF integrated circuits and circuits

■ Medical Applications

■ Cable/Harness Evaluation

■ Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO)

■ Sensor devices and transducers

■ Solar cells and interface circuits

■ Electrochemical applications

■ Research & Education

■ Crystal Oscillators

■ Current source for small voltage measurements

■ Battery Management Simulator

■ Advanced Materials Evaluation



Model TH1931 TH1932
Display 7-inch touch screen 800 x 480
Key Parameters
Channels 1 2
Max Output Voltage ±210V
Current DC ±3.03A
Pulse ±10.5A
Power Supply Max Didgits 6 1/2
Resolution Voltage 0.1μV
Current 0.01pA
Measurement Max Didgits 4 1/2
Resolution Voltage 10μV
Current 1pA
Voltage Range 0.2V-200V
Min. Interval Time 1μs


Voltage Output
Range Resolution Accuracy ± (% of reading + bias)

DC output voltage or

pulse peak/base voltage

Max. Current 1 Pulse Width 2
DC Output Pulse Output
0.2V 100nV ±(0.015%+225μV) 0≤|V|≤0.21V ±3.03A ±3.03A 50μs≤t≤tmax
±10.5A 50μs≤t≤1ms
2V 1μV ±(0.015%+225μV) 0≤|V|≤2.1V ±3.03A 50μs≤t≤tmax
±10.5A 50μs≤t≤1ms
20V 10μV ±(0.015%+5mV) 0≤|V|≤6V ±3.03A 50μs≤t≤tmax
±10.5A 50μs≤t≤1ms
0≤|V|≤21V ±1.515A ±1.515A 50μs≤t≤tmax
200V 100μV ±(0.015%+50mV) 0≤|V|≤6V ±3.03A ±3.03A 50μs≤t≤tmax
±10.5A 50μs≤t≤1ms
0≤|V|≤21V ±1.515A ±1.515A 50μs≤t≤tmax
0≤|V|≤180V ±1.05A 50μs≤t≤10ms 
0≤|V|≤200V ±1.515A 50μs≤t≤2.5ms
0≤|V|≤210V ±105mA ±105mA 50μs≤t≤tmax
1 Refer to the Limits table section when using channels 1 and 2 for DC outputs or pulsed outputs (50 μs <= t<= tmax (= 99.9999ks)).
2 For pulses with 50μs<=t<=tmax, the maximum duty cycle is 99.9999%.
For pulses with 50μs<=t<=1ms, 50μs<=t<=2.5ms or 50μs<=t<=10ms, the maximum duty cycle is 2.5%.
Current Output
Range    Setting Resolution Accuracy ± (% of reading + bias) DC output current or pulse peak/base current1 2 Max. Voltage Pulse Widtht3
DC Output Pulse Output
10nA 10fA ±(0.10%+50pA) 0≤|I|≤10.5nA ±210V ±210V 50μs≤t≤tmax
100nA 100fA ±(0.06%+100pA) 0≤|I|≤105nA
1μA 1pA ±(0.025%+500pA) 0≤|I|≤1.05μA
10μA 10pA ±(0.025%+1.5nA) 0≤|I|≤10.5μA
100μA 100pA ±(0.02%+25nA) 0≤|I|≤105μA
1mA 1nA ±(0.02%+200nA) 0≤|I|≤1.05mA
10mA 10nA ±(0.02%+2.5μA) 0≤|I|≤10.5mA
100mA 100nA ±(0.02%+20μA) 0≤|I|≤105mA
1A 1μA ±(0.03%+1.5mA) 0≤|I|≤105mA
105mA≤|I|≤1.05A ±21V ±21V
0≤|I|≤1.05A ±200V 50μs≤t≤2.5ms
±180V 50μs≤t≤10ms
1.5A ±(0.05%+3.5mA) 0≤|I|≤105mA ±210V ±210V 50μs≤t≤tmax
105mA≤|I|≤1.515A ±21V ±21V
0≤|I|≤1.515A ±200V 50μs≤t≤2.5ms
0≤|I|≤1.05A ±180V 50μs≤t≤10ms
3A 10μA ±(0.4%+7mA) 0≤|I|≤105mA ±210V ±210V 50μs≤t≤tmax
105mA≤|I|≤1.515A ±21V ±21V
1.515A≤|I|≤3.03A ±6V ±6V
10A 4 ±(0.4%+25mA)5 0≤|I|≤10.5A ±6V 50μs≤t≤1ms
0≤|I|≤1.515A ±200V 50μs≤t≤2.5ms
0≤|I|≤1.05A ±180V 50μs≤t≤10ms
1 Refer to the Limits table section when using channels 1 and 2 for DC outputs or pulsed outputs (50 μs <= t <= tmax (= 99.9999ks)).
2 The maximum base current is 500mA for pulses with 50μs<=t<=1ms, and the maximum base current is 50mA for pulses with 50μs<=t<=2.5ms or 50μs<=t<=10ms.
3 The maximum duty cycle is 99.9999% for pulses with 50 μs <= t <=tmax and the maximum duty cycle is 2.5% for pulses with 50 μs <= t <=1 ms, 50 μs <= t <= 2.5 ms or 50 μs <= t <= 10 ms.
4 10A range for pulse mode only, not for DC mode.
5  Measurement speed is 0.01 PLC.


Range Voltage Measurement Resolution Accuracy
0.2V 0≤|V|≤0.212V 10μV ±(0.015% + 225μV)
2V 0≤|V|≤2.12V 100μV ±(0.02% + 350μV)
20V 0≤|V|≤21.2V 1mV ±(0.015% + 5mV)
200V 0≤|V|≤212V 10mV ±(0.015% + 50mV)
Current Measurement
Range Current Measurement Resolution Accuracy
10nA 0≤|I|≤10.6nA 1pA ±(0.10 % + 50pA)
100nA 0≤|I|≤106nA 10pA ±(0.06% + 100pA)
1μA 0≤|I|≤1.06μA 100pA ±(0.025% + 500pA)
10μA 0≤|I|≤10.6μA 1nA ±(0.025% + 1.5nA)
100μA 0≤|I|≤106μA 10nA ±(0.02% + 25nA)
1mA 0≤|I|≤1.06mA 100nA ±(0.02% + 200nA)
10mA 0≤|I|≤10.6mA 1μA ±(0.02% + 2.5μA)
100mA 0≤|I|≤106mA 10μA ±(0.02% + 20μA)
1A 0≤|I|≤1.06A 100μA ±(0.03% + 1.5mA)
1.5A 0≤|I|≤1.53A ±(0.05% + 3.5mA)
3A 0≤|I|≤3.06A 1mA ±(0.4% + 7mA)
10A1 0≤|I|≤10.6A ±(0.4% + 25mA)
1 For pulse mode, not for DC mode.
Pulse source (pulse width is the time from 10% rising edge to 90% falling edge, base level: pulse low level, peak level: pulse high level)
Minimum programmable pulse width 50μs
Pulse width programming resolution 1μs
Environment & Temperature
Environment Suitable for indoor equipment
Temperature of operating condition 0°C - 55°C
Humidity of operating condition 30% - 80% RH(non-condensing)
Elevation of operating condition 0 - 2000 meters(6561ft)
Temperature of storage condition 30°C - +70°C
Humidity of storage condition 10% - 90% RH(non-condensing)
Elevation of storage condition 0 - 4600 meters(15092ft)
Warm-up time after power on ≥60minutes
General Indicator
Power supply 90 V to 264V,47 Hz to 63Hz, maximum
Power consumption <250VA
Rack mount 215mmx132mmx490mm
Dimension 235mmx154mmx530mm
Weight Approx. 8.5kg (single)/10kg (dual)
Safety Class I Safety
EMC standards IEC61326-1/EN61326-1
Insulation resistance Under the reference working conditions, the insulation resistance between the power terminals and the shell is not less than 50MΩ;
Under humid and hot transportation conditions, the insulation resistance  between the power terminals and the shell is not less than 2MΩ.
Dielectric strength Under the reference working conditions, the power terminals and the shell can withstand the rated voltage of 1.5kV, frequency of 50Hz AC voltage for 1 minute, without breakdown and flying arc phenomenon.
Leakage current ≤3.5mA
Safety certification CE, cCSAμs, C-Tick



Accessories name Model  
Ultra low noise filter (42V/105mA) TH1931-003
Test cable at both ends TH26050B
USB Device connection cable TH26017
Four-terminal test cable (five-wire system) TH26050C


Accessories name Model  
Low noise filter (210V/3A) TH1931-001
High current ultra low noise filter (21V/500mA) TH1931-002


Low Noise Precision Power Supply
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