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Semiconductor C-V Characteristic Analyzer
Frequency 1kHz-2MHz
Parameter Ciss, Coss, Crss, Rg
Vgs Range +/-40V
Vds Range 200V/1500V/3000V
Channels 1 - 6
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• 10.1-inch capacitive touch screen, resolution 1280*800, Linux system

• Dual CPU architecture, the fastest test speed of LCR function is 0.56ms

• Three test methods: spot test, list scan, and graphic scan (option)

• Four parasitic parameters (Ciss, Coss, Crss, Rg) are measured and displayed on the same screen

• CV curve scan, Ciss-Rg curve scan

• Integrated design: LCR + VGS low voltage source + VDS high voltage source + channel switching + PC

• Standard 2-channel test, which can test two devices or dual-chip devices at the same time, the channel can be expanded to 6, channel parameters are stored separately

• Fast charging, shortens capacitor charging time and enables fast testing

• Automatic delay setting

• High Bias: VGS: 0 - ±40V, VDS: 0 - 200V/1500V/3000V

• 10 bin sorting



• Semiconductor components/Power components

Parasitic capacitance test and C-V characteristic analysis of diodes, triodes, MOSFETs, IGBTs, thyristors, integrated circuits, optoelectronic chips, etc.

• Semiconductor material

Wafer, C-V characteristic analysis

• Liquid crystal material

Elastic constant analysis

• Capacitive element

Capacitor C-V characteristic test and analysis, capacitive sensor test and analysis





TH511 (With LCR function)

TH512 TH513
Channel 2 (4/6 Ch Optional) 1
Display Display 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen
Ratio 0.672916667
Resolution 1280*RGB*800
Test Parameter Ciss, Coss, Crss, Rg. Four parameter selectable arbitrarily
Test Frequency Range 1kHz-2MHz
Accuracy 0.0001
Resolution 10mHz          1.00000kHz-9.99999kHz
100mHz        10.0000kHz-99.9999kHz
1Hz                100.000kHz-999.999kHz
10Hz              1.00000MHz-2.00000MHz
Test Level Voltage Range 5mVrms-2Vrms
Accuracy ± (10%*Setting Value+2mV)
Resolution 1mVrms           5mVrms-1Vrms
10mVrms         1Vrms-2Vrms
Vgs Range 0 - ±40V
Accuracy 1%* Setting Voltage+8mV
Resolution 1mV                 0V - ±10V
10mV               ±10V - ±40V
Vds Range 0 - 200V 0 - 1500V 0 - 3000V
Accuracy 1%* Setting Voltage+100mV
Output Impedance 100Ω, ±2%@1kHz
Computation Absolute deviation Δ from nominal value, percent deviation from nominal value Δ%
Calibration Function OPEN, SHORT, LOAD
Measure Average 1-255 times
AD Conversion Time (ms/time) Fast+: 0.56ms (>5kHz), Fast: 3.3ms, Middle: 90ms, Slow: 220ms.
Basic Accuracy 0.001
Ciss, Coss, Crss 0.00001pF - 9.99999F
Rg 0.001mΩ - 99.9999MΩ
Δ% ±(0.000% - 999.9%)
Multi-Function Parameter List Scan Spots  20 spots, the average number can be set for each spot, and each spot can be sorted separately
Parameter Test Frequency, Vg, Vd, Channel
Trigger Mode Sequence SEQ: After one trigger, measure at all sweep points, /EOM/INDEX output only once.
Step: perform a sweep point measurement per trigger, each point outputs /EOM/INDEX, but the list scan comparator result is only output at the last /EOM
Graphic Scan Scanning Spots Any Spot is optional, up to 1001 Spots
Result Display Multiple curves with the same parameter and different Vg;
multiple curves with the same Vg and different parameters.
Display Range Real-time automatic, locked
Coordinate ruler Logarithmic, linear
Parameter Vg, Vd
Trigger Mode Single Manual trigger once, complete one scan from the start spot to the end spot, and start a new scan with the next trigger signal
Continuous Infinite loop scan from the start spot to the end spot
Result Storage Graphics, files
Comparators Bin 10Bin, PASS, FAIL
Bin Deviation Setting Deviation, Percent Deviation, Off
Bin Mode Tolerance, continuous
Bin Count 0-99999
Bin Judgement A maximum of four parameter limit ranges can be set for each bin. The corresponding bin number will be displayed within the setting range of the four test parameter results. If it exceeds the set maximum bin number range, FAIL will be displayed. Test parameters without upper and lower limits will be automatically ignored.
PASS/FAIL indication Satisfy Bin1-10, the PASS light on the front panel is on, otherwise the FAIL light is on.
Data Storage 201 measurement results can be read in batches
Storage File Internal About 100M non-volatile memory test setup file
External USB Test setup files, screenshots, log files
Keyboard Lock Lockable front panel buttons, other functions to be expanded
Interface USB HOST 2 USB HOST interfaces, which can be connected to the mouse and keyboard at the same time, and only one U disk can be used at the same time
USB DEVICE Universal Serial Bus socket, small type B (4 contact positions); compliant with USB TMC-USB488 and USB2.0, female connector for connecting external controllers.
LAN 10/100M Ethernet, 8 pins, two speed options
HANDLER Used for Bin signal output
RS232C Standard 9-pin, crossed
RS485 Can receive modification or external RS232 to RS485 module
Boot Warm-up Time 60 Minutes
Input voltage 100-120VAC/198-242VAC Option, 47-63Hz
Power consumption More than 130VA
Dimensions (W*H*D) mm 430*177*405
Weight 12kg




Accessories name Model  
Test Fixture TH26063B
Test Fixture TH26063C
TH510 fixture control connection cable TH26063D
TH510 Test Extension Cable TH26063G



Accessories name Model  


Power Device Analyzer
semiconductor analyzer
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