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Component Tester
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Frequecny 1M-10MHz, LCR
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Impedance Analyzer

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TH2848 Series

Frequency 4Hz-10MHz
Basic Accuracy: 0.05%
Auto Balance Bridge Technology
Spot measurement, list sweep and graphic sweep
AC Signal: 20V/100mA DC Bias: 0+/-40V, 0+/-100mA
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Product description


■ High resolution: 10.1 inches, resolution 1280*800,capacitive touch screen

■High precision: automatic balanced bridge technology, four-end pair test configuration

■ High stability and consistency: 15 range configurations

■ High power: Signal level: 20VAC /100mAAC Built-in DC bias: ±40VDC /100mADC

■ High speed: dual CPU architecture, the fastest test speed up to 400 times / s (2.5ms)

■ Convenient operation: Linux operating base, touch operation, embedded help

■ Three types of tests: spot test, list scan, and graphic scan

■ Four-parameter measurement

■ One-click recording, one-click screenshot

■ 201-point multi-parameter list scanning function

■ Graphic scanning function, 4 tracks at will, support 1/2/4 split screen

■ Piezoelectric conductivity circle test, dielectric constant test

■ Powerful sorting: LCR mode: 10levels of sorting Graphical analysis mode: support curve condition sorting

■ High compatibility: supports SCPI/MODBUS command set. Compatible with KEYSIGHT E4980A, E4980AL, HP4284A

■ Independent 24V cylinder control



■ Passive components

Evaluation of impedance parameters and performance analysis of capacitors, inductors, cores, resistors, piezoelectric devices, transformers, chip assemblies, crystals, and network components.

■ Semiconductor component

Parasitic parameter testing and analysis of LED driver integrated circuits; C-VDC characterization of varactor diodes; parasitic parameter analysis of transistors or integrated circuits

■ Other components

Impedance evaluation of printed circuit boards, relays, switches, cables, batteries, etc.

■ Medium Material

Evaluation of dielectric constants and loss angles of plastics, ceramics and other materials.

■ Magnetic material

Evaluation of permeability and loss angle of ferrites, amorphous and other magnetic materials

■ Semiconductor materials

Dielectric constant, electrical conductivity and C-V properties of semiconductor materials

■ Liquid crystal materials

C-V characteristics such as dielectric constant and elasticity constant of liquid crystal units

■ Piezoelectric materials and devices

Piezo Ceramic Filters, Piezo Ceramic Trap, Piezo Ceramic Discriminator, Piezo Ceramic Transformer, High Power Ultrasonic Generator, Transducer (Oscillator), Surface acoustic wave devices, electroacoustic devices, etc. can be tested such as static capacitance, loss, resonance frequency, anti-resonance frequency, mechanical coupling coefficient and other parameters.



Product Model TH2848-02L TH2848-02 TH2848-05 TH2848-10
Display Monitor 10.1-inch (diagonal) capacitive touch screen
Scale 16:9
Resolution 1280×RGB×800
Measured Parameters Methods Four parameters can be selected arbitrarily
AC Cp,Cs,Lp,Ls,Rp,Rs,|Z|,|Y|,R,X,G,B,θ,D,Q,VAC,IAC,
Piezoelectricity Ct,Dt,Fs,Fp,Fp-Fs,Zmin,Zmax,F1,F2,F2-F1,Gmax,C0,C1,R1,L,Kp,Keff,Kt,K31,K33,Qm,ε,εr
Dielectric Cp,D,ε,|ε|,εr',εr'',tanδ,Q
Test Frequency Range 4Hz-2MHz 4Hz-2MHz 4Hz-5MHz 4Hz-10MHz
Accuracy 0.01%
Resolution 0.1mHz                          4.0000Hz-99.9999Hz
1mHz                             100.000Hz-999.999Hz
10mHz                           1.00000kHz-9.99999kHz
100mHz                         10.0000kHz-99.9999kHz
1Hz                                100.000kHz-999.999kHz
10Hz                              1.00000MHz-9.99999MHz
AC Test Signal Mode Rating Value (ALC OFF) The set voltage is the Hcur voltage when the test terminal is open-circuit.
The set current is the current from Hcur when the test terminal is short-circuited.
Constant Value(ALC ON) Keep the voltage on the DUT the same as the set value
Keep the current on the DUT the same as the set value
Test level Voltage range 0Vrms - 2Vrms 0mVrms-20Vrms         F<=1MHz
0mVrms-15Vrms         1MHz<F<=2MHz
0mVrms-2Vrms           2MHz<F<=MHz
0mVrms-1Vrms           5MHz<F<=10MHz
Accuracy ±(10%×set value+2mV)(AC<=Vrms)
±(10%×set value+5mV)(AC>2Vrms)
Resolution 0.1mVrms                     0mVrms-0.2Vrms
0.2mVrms                     0.2Vrms-0.5Vrms
0.5mVrms                     0.5Vrms-1Vrms
1mVrms                        1Vrms-10Vrms
10mVrms                      10Vrms-20Vrms
Current range 0mArms-20mArms 0mArms-100mArms
Resolution (100Ω internal resistance) 1μArms                         0Arms-2mArms
2μArms                         2mArms-5mArms
5μArms                         5mArms-10mArms
10μArms                       10mArms-100mArms
RDC test Voltage range 100mV-1V
Resolution 100μV
Current range 0mA-10mA
Resolution 10μA
DC Bias voltage range 0V-±10V 0V-±40V
Accuracy 1%×set voltage+5mV    AC<=2V
2%×set voltage+8mV    AC>2V
Resolution 0.1mV                            0V - ±5V
1mV                               ±5V - ±40V
Current range 0mA - ±100mA
Resolution 1μA                                0mA-50mA
10μA                              50mA-100mA
Voltage source voltage range -10V - 10V
Resolution 1mV
Current range -45mA - +45mA
Output Impedance 100Ω
Cylinder control Switching control  
Turn on Turns on within the set time from 0-60s
Turn off Turns off within the set time from 0-60s
Test Side Configuration Four-terminal pair
Test cable length 0m,1m
Output Impedance 100Ω,±1%@1kHz
Mathematical operation Absolute deviation Δ from nominal value, percentage deviation Δ% from nominal value
Equivalence mode Series, parallel
Calibration function OPEN,SHORT,LOAD
Measured average 1-255 times
Range Selection AUTO,HOLD
Trigger Mode Continuous, single
Trigger delay 0-60s
specific function One-click screenshot, one-click record, embedded help system
Range Configurat LCR 100mΩ,1Ω,10Ω,20Ω,50Ω,100Ω,200Ω,500Ω,1kΩ,2kΩ,5kΩ,10kΩ,20kΩ,50kΩ,100kΩ
RDC 10Ω,20Ω,50Ω,100Ω,200Ω,500Ω,1kΩ,2kΩ,5kΩ,10kΩ,20kΩ,50kΩ,100kΩ
Measuring time (ms/time) (Frequency >= 100kHz) Fast: 2.5ms Medium: 90ms Slow: 220ms
Maximum accuracy 0.05%(refer to specifications)
Measurement display range  
Cs,Cp 0.00001pF - 9.99999F
Ls,Lp 0.00001μH - 99.9999kH
D 0.00001 - 9.99999
Q 0.00001 - 99999.9
R,Rs,Rp,X,Z,RDC 0.001mΩ - 99.9999MΩ
G,B,Y 0.00001μs - 99.9999S
VDC ±0V - ±999.9999V
IDC ±0A - ±999.9999A
θr -6.28318
θd -179.999° - 179.999°
Δ% ±(0.000% - 999.9%)
Multifunction parameter list scanning Points 201 points, average can be set for each point, each point can be sorted individually
Parameters Test frequency, AC voltage, AC current, DC BIAS voltage, DC BIAS current, with dielectric constant test function based on the parameter of each point in this list
Trigger Mode Sequential SEQ: When triggered once, measurements are taken at all scan points, /EOM/INDEX is output only once
Step STEP: performs one scan point measurement per trigger, outputs /EOM/INDEX for each point, but list scan comparator result is only output at the last /EOM
Other features 1.Multiple copy functions for both scanning and test parameters
2.Time delay can be set for each scanning point
Dielectric constant Dielectric Material Testing Solutions
Comparator Each scanning point can measure up to four test parameters, each parameter can be set upper and lower limits, all test parameters are qualified to output PASS signal, otherwise output FAIL signal, no judgment if no upper and lower limits are set.
Graphic Scanning Scanning Points Points 51, 101, 201, 401, 801 are optional
Results Display Extreme values for each parameter and the scanned parameter value at the point where the cursor is located with the corresponding test parameter value
Piezoelectric testing Piezoelectric device and piezoelectric material testing solutions, integrated piezoelectric admittance circle function
Scanning track 1-4 test parameters can be selected arbitrarily, and the scanning curve can be divided into one screen, two screens and four screens.
Display range Real-time automatic, locked
Coordinate scale Logarithmic, linear
Scanning parameters Frequency, AC Voltage, AC Current, DCV BIAS/DCI BIAS
Trigger method, Single Trigger manually once, one scan from start to finish is completed, the next trigger signal starts a new scan
Trigger method, Sequential Infinite loop scanning from start to finish
Results Saving Graphics, documentation
Comparator Bin Staging 10Bin,PASS,FAIL
Bin deviation setting Deviation value, percent deviation value, off
Bin mode Tolerance, continuous
Bin Count 0-99999
BIN Judgement Up to four parameters can be set for the limit range. If the results of the four test parameters fall within the set range, the corresponding BIN number is displayed. If it exceeds the maximum BIN number range set, it displays FAIL. Test parameters without upper and lower limits set will be automatically ignored for BIN judgement.
PASS/FAIL Indication If it meets Bin1-10 criteria, the PASS light on the front panel lights up; otherwise, the FAIL light is illuminated.
Data Cache 201 measurement results can be batch-read.
Storage Internal The instrument has 8GB of built-in storage space, after removing the system occupancy, the user can use about 6GB of space.
External USB Test setup files, screenshot graphics, record files
Keyboard Lock Lockable front panel keys
Interfaces USB HOST 2 USB HOST ports, can be connected to the mouse, keyboard, U disk can only be used one at a time
USB DEVICE Universal Serial Bus socket, small Class B (4 contact positions); compliant with USB TMC-USB 488 and USB2.0, female connector is used to connect an external controller.
LAN 10/100M Ethernet, 8-pin, two speeds adaptive
HANDLER For Bin Staging Signal Output
GPIB Standard
RS232C Standard 9-pin, Crossed
RS485 Standard
Power-on warm-up time 60 minutes.
Input Voltage 100-120VAC/198-242VAC selectable,47-63Hz
Power supply power Not less than 130VA
Dimensions(WxHxD)mm 430x177x265
Weights 11kg



Accessories name Model  
Four-end clamp with card TH26005D
Short circuit TH26010 z
Kelvin test lead with box four-terminal insulation and lock TH26011BS z


Accessories name Model  
Box patch test cable TH26009B z
Magnetic ring fixture TH26008A z
Dielectric test fixture TH26077 z


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